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Allows you to honestly say that you are havingThe Best In Chicago.

Edward Shanahan at
Las Vegas Conference
Edward Shanahan in Las Vegas for Conference

2014 Paranormal - SpiriCruise that had Edward Shanahan entertaining with readings and the paranormal in the Bermuda Triangle areas that was explored.

Cruise Ship with Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan in the studio for an Internet Radio Show broadcast

Edward Shanahan in Radio Show Studio
2014 Paranormal Conference
Las Vegas ParaCon

Edward Shanahan has authored two books and has been written about in four others.

He has been given the 'Best Psychic in Chicago' award, so you can actually claim that you have the best. He also provides the ability to showcase your event if it is open to the public.

Edward's exposure for the public events that he participates in is provided by the fact that he an author for two large web sites, The Chicago Now and Chicago Tribune Community Section online, and both provide Edward Shanahan the opportunity to be picked up by other news feeds.

Also Edward Shanahan in 2006 was and one of the first to broadcast his own Internet radio show and podcast 'The Unexplained World' with his co-host Annette. It became a featured show right away and has remained that way since.

This is also another very popular avenue for Edward to showcase the public locations that he will be at, as Edward's desire is to pack the place as it is part of the service he provides to those who have him part of their event.

Feel free to contact Edward Shanahan about what he can offer for your location as a Speaker, Gallery Psychic Readings, Spirit Communication Demonstrations, Questions from the audience and more.

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Chicago Psychic, Medium and Paranormal author Edward Shanahan talking at an event.

Best Chicago Psychic Edward Shanahan, Medium, Entertainer and author.

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