Best Chicago Psychic
Award Winner.

Edward Shanahan Psychic Medium, Entertainer and author.

Edward L. Shanahan
Chicago land area and travel.
Best Psychic in Chicago
Award Winner

Office Readings - Psychic House Parties - Spirit Communication Sessions - Conscious Channeling - Palm Reading - Psychometry - Healing Prayer Sessions.

No Agents, No Public Relations Services, No Marketing Services.Just Edward Shanahan doing the best at what and how he does it.

Chicago Psychic Reader Edward Shanahan

To be offered to touch another person's hand, is an honor. To be able to touch their heart, is a gift given. To be able to touch their soul, is a blessing of trust. ~ Edward Shanahan

Best Chicago Psychic award for Edward Shanahan
Seance with Chicago Psychic Edward Shanahan

Readings for entertainment and answers possibly within you to your personal questions. All life decisions are solely the responsibility of the participant. The purpose is to give a view of life. There are no guarantees or liabilities.

Spiritual Psychometry (Conscious Channeling), Spirit Communication at times may not be successful, but has nothing to do with the individual requesting it or the love one that has passed away.

Channeling and Spirit Communication is not an exact science & is subject to human interpretation.

Disclaimer: My state law requires all Paranormalist and Psychics to be listed as entertainment only.

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